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New Product
Product Name: Minamoto Chemical Resistant Pump

Product Details
Brief DescriptionA&S Pump Co.,Ltd can provide all kinds of Minamoto Chemical Resistant Pumps

Detailed Product Description
A&S Pump Co.,Ltd can provide all kinds of Minamoto Chemical Resistant Pumps:

Minamoto coolant pump YLIZ Series: YLIZ25, YLIZ50, YLIZ65, YLIZ80, YLIZ100,

YHW & YHL Series: YHW750, YHW1500, YHW2200, YHW3700, YHL750, YHL1500, YHL2200, YHL3700, YHL5500

YLGb series: YLGb32-14, YLGB40-16, YLGb50-18,YLGb65-20, YLGb80-20, YLGb100-20,

Minamoto coolant pump GD series: GD100-38, GD125-16, GD125-20, GD125-24, GD125-28
GDF series: GDF 25-15, GDF32-20, GDF40-15, GDF40-20, GDF40-30, GDF50-17,
PG series: PG-25, PG-40, PG-50, PM-50

YLF(2) Series: YLF(2)50-17, YLF(2)50-20, YLF(2)65-19, YLF(2)65-30, YLF(2)80-21, YLF(2)80-30, YLF(2)100-19

YLX series: YLX250-40, YLX350-50, YLX450-65, YLX650-80, YLX850-100,YLX1250-100
Fire pumps

KTX series: KTX125-100-200, KTX125-100-315, KTX125-100-400, KTX150-125-250, KTX150-125-320,

XBD series: XBD2.2/5G, XBD4.4/5G, XBD6.6/5G, XBD5.8/15-DL, XBD7.8/15-DL, XBD9.8/15-DL, XBD11.8/15-DL

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