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New Product
Product Name: Carrot Powder

Product Details
Brief DescriptionCarrot Powder is a sort of light yellow powdered solid and after being watered, it has special carrot flavor.

Detailed Product Description
The nutritive value of carrots is very high, for they are rich in such components as carotin, sugar, kalium, calcium, phosphorus and ferrum and according to reports, every 100g fresh carrot contains 1.66-2.72mg carotin, 6 times that of tomatoes and 19 times that of celery cabbages and celeries. Among the components, Beta-carotin, the precursor of VA essential to the human body, has the activity of VA, for which it is called a VA vegetable source. VA plays an important role all in protecting sight and the skin, preventing eye diseases, maintaining the health of human's epithelial tissues, accelerating growth and development of children and in enhancing human's ability to resist diseases.
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